Social media posts

Ask Me Anything for Instagram

In January 2022, I had the opportunity to help U.S. Bank Goals Coach Kacey Lorenzen craft her responses for an  Ask Me Anything in a U.S. Bank’s Instagram story.

Goals coaching client Kim Dung Ho’s success story: 

Kim and Ana

Child & Family Tennessee posts:

CFTFB1 - Copy

A Child & Family Tennessee facebook post from a foster care awareness event – “Building Homes for Families.” I came up with the idea to build homes out of graham crackers as a way to share the foster care awareness message.


This facebook page screenshot shows two posts – one internal PR event to show appreciation for nurses and another post featuring photos from a fundraising event.


Photos from a fundraising event

Posts from K-Town program: 

K-TOWN Twitter 1

Tweets showing appreciation for news coverage of the K-TOWN Christmas program

K-TOWN Twitter 2

A retweet showing support from the community

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