Communications portfolio

Horizontal-IMG_4088My seven-year career at U.S. Bank has afforded me many opportunities to write, collaborate with cross-functional teams and share messaging with consumers and colleagues. Most recently, I’ve written financial wellness content and about our goals coaching clients’ success stories. You can read some of my recent work on the company blog and our financial wellness platform, Financial IQ. Also check out the consumer-facing holiday financial survival guide webinar I created

Driving media coverage and social following
Twitter EireAlso, I have enjoyed crafting social media posts and writing press releases to seek media coverage.

Regardless of where I work, I find a way to implement my reporting, writing, graphic design and photography skills to serve the company and its internal and external stakeholders.

Covering news and travel stories
14257743_10155170433749256_3708100496840330393_o-1-1My career in journalism allowed me some unique experiences, from photographing the Rockettes in my living room to interviewing politicians. However, travel assignments were my favorite. I still freelance for travel magazines and other lifestyle websites when the opportunity arises. 

Creating visual interest
Chez LibertyFrom both journalism and PR perspectives, graphic design and photography have played heavily into my career. In PR and internal communications roles, writing for and designing newsletters have given me a creative outlet where I can share news.

Promoting my books
Front CoverWriting my first book was only the beginning! I’m fortunate to have a strong marketing and communications background, and I was able to leverage skills that I’ve developed over the years. Since then, I’ve published two additional books in the series and a companion coloring book. Creating book trailer videos has scratched a creative itch I didn’t know I had!  I’ve enjoyed seeing my novels come to life in video format. Also, I’ve developed a social media following, created numerous ads, a website and other materials to promote my novels