Writing with my funny galentine

When you meet some people, you know they’re meant to be your friend–call it friends at first sight. For me, this is my pal, Kelly. We’ve worked together in our corporate comms day jobs for a few years now. Despite living almost 1,000 miles apart, we’ve always found ways to support each other’s interests outside of work.

This week, we’ve had the opportunity to share two collaborative projects. First, I got to share the story of how she fell in love with a golden retriever, then, his human, at her local dog park on the Chewy.com PetCentral blog. Kelly and her husband have been married for almost five years now and have made a loving home for their sweet dogs.  Seriously, this is the cutest of meet-cute stories I’ve ever heard.

Secondly, Kelly asked me to write about what recharges me for her Happiness Recharge blog. You can read about my love for the ocean and how it restores my soul.

I’m continuing to query my novel, and I’ve been working on a couple of other fiction projects. Being a published author and a great friend, Kelly has supported me throughout the process. I’m thankful for her friendship and the many ways we’ve been able to work together.


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